A new era for polar science

DOKIPY will connect existing data management centers that are central in the IPY-activities in Norway. These centers have long-term mandates for data management in different disciplines.


DOKIPY is the Norwegian contribution to “IPY Data and Information Service” (IPYDIS). IPYDIS is not a specific centre, but rather a collection of data management centres and archives that through common standards contributes to the IPY data catalogue and associated services.

The idea of DOKIPY is to utilise existing infrastructure to handle IPY data management on behalf of the Norwegian Research Council. All IPY projects have committed to the IPY data policy which formulates data management requirements (documentation, catalogue, access and archival). Through DOKIPY, a service fulfilling the IPY data management requirements is made available for Norwegian IPY projects, thus reducing the efforts required by the individual projects in this matter. DOKIPY connects Norwegian IPY projects to IPYDIS.

DOKIPY utilises existing infrastructure and knowledge at the Institute of Marine Research, the Norwegian Polar Institute, the Norwegian Institute for Air Research and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. Existing databases at these institutions are adapted to IPY requirements and connected to a Norwegian virtual IPY database. This virtual database is connected to IPY databases elsewhere and supports exchange of metadata.

Through DOKIPY a national catalogue of IPY datasets is established.

Among international contributions to IPYDIS are: