A new era for polar science

DOKIPY will connect existing data management centers that are central in the IPY-activities in Norway. These centers have long-term mandates for data management in different disciplines.


DOKPIY is the data management and coordinating service for Norwegian International Polar Year (IPY) projects.

The main goal for the project is to secure long-term management of research data generated by Norwegian IPY projects, and to secure that the data collected and produced are managed in accordance with the IPY Data Policy. The IPY data policy can be summarized as "free" and "open" online access to data and metadata.

The overall goal with IPY's data policy is to secure IPY's main goal by connecting fields of science, projects and scientists through an open data exchange and free access to data. With free exchange of data, observation programmes can be planned to avoid overlap and duplication of observations. This leads to a much wider coverage of IPY's area of interest and parameters.

Efficient data exchange is a prerequisite for the IPY-projects to become something more than a collection of standalone projects, namely a global program with a common goal. DOKIPY connects existing data management institutions in Norway that are central in the national IPY-activities and has a long term mandate for data management within different disciplines. Existing infrastructure is adapted to IPYs guidelines and secures a long-term management of nationally funded IPY-data.