A new era for polar science

DOKIPY will connect existing data management centers that are central in the IPY-activities in Norway. These centers have long-term mandates for data management in different disciplines.

Information to users of DOKIPY

What is DOKIPY?

DOKIPY handles datasets and information on datasets. A dataset may be one or more files.

The services offered by DOKIPY differs between the nodes. All nodes (IMR, NPI, METNO) handles metadata and makes these searchable. IMR and METNO also handles the actual datasets. Currently only METNO offers online access to the datasets. Access to the datasets is controlled by the associated metadata. Some datasets are freely available, while others are protected by username and password for a period. Metadata are synchronised between the DOKIPY nodes facilitating searching through all Norwegian IPY datasets at any of the nodes.

Metadata can be inserted using forms at NPI and METNO nodes. Handling of the datasets differ between the nodes at IMR and METNO. METNO has automated the upload of datasets and monitors the upload process. This requires the datasets to be uploaded using standardised file formats (NetCDF/CF). Conformance of files can be tested interactively at the web portal ( Direct upload of files can be done at Contact IMR using the contact details of the node list to receive information on how to upload files to the IMR node.

What are metadata?

Metadata are data about the data. Metadata describe who measured what, where and when. Many different standards for metadata exist, most data centres use one of the international standards. IPY has chosen Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) Directory Interchange Format (DIF). This is compatible with ISO19115 which INSPIRE requires. All metadata for Norwegian IPY datasets are also available in Dublin Core.

More information on metadata are available at:

Why do we need metadata?

Funding agencies, projects and scientists all need an overview of who measured what, where and when. This information increases the benefit of observation campaigns, promotes interdisciplinary science and avoids duplication of efforts. It is also required for data management purposes, especially when concerned with archiving datasets. The intention of the IPY data management procedures is to ensure that the data collected during this IPY are available to the scientists of the next IPY. Metadata ensures that IPY will be more than individual projects - it connects projects and scientists across projects, disciplines and nations.

What is an archive?

A data archive is a data centre with a long term mandate for data management. A data archive ensures that datasets can be tracked and used by future scientists ensuring proper credit is attributed to the scientists actually generating the dataset. Data archives have procedures and systems that ensures secure management of datasets independent of technological and personnel changes.

What is DOKIPY offering me?

DOKIPY ensures that datasets entered into the DOKIPY system are handled in accordance with the IPY data policy and its requirements.