A new era for polar science

DOKIPY will connect existing data management centers that are central in the IPY-activities in Norway. These centers have long-term mandates for data management in different disciplines.

Share your data - win a trip to Oslo

IPY encourages open and timely data sharing. So the IPY Data Committee, Programme Office, and Open Science Conference announce an opportunity for data providers to win a free trip to the Open Science Conference in Oslo, Norway, 8-12 June 2010. (

Every month, starting in September, a random IPY metadata entry will be selected from the IPY Metadata Portal and participating National IPY repositories. The first award will be announced at the SCADM meeting in Amsterdam, 9 September, as well as on

  • Monthly Prize winners receive an ”Oslo Stipend,“ which includes a modest housing allowance (in hostel or similar) and a 50% reduction in registration that includes free city transportation and free lunches, admittance to festival and conference picnic
  • The Grand Prize winner selected in March receives full travel, lodging, and registration costs for the conference that includes free city transportation and free lunches, admittance to festival and conference picnic


  • Winners will be selected randomly by a panel of judges from a list of available IPY metadata records in the Global Change Master Directory’s IPY portal and participating IPY national repositories that submit their lists to the the panel.
  • The Judges are the Director of the IPO, David Carlson, and the Co-Chairs of the IPY Data Policy and Management Subcommittee, Taco de Bruin and Mark Parsons.
  • The list will be based on all metadata available on the 1st day of each month from September 2009 to March 2010. Monthly prizes will be announced by the 15th of each month.
  • The winner is the lead investigator (Data “orginator” or creator") listed on an IPY metadata record.
  • The metadata record should be compliant with the IPY Metadata Profile and must indicate that the data were collected as part of IPY. The specific IPY project should also be indicated.
  • To be eligible for the Grand Prize the data described in the metadata record must also be available by the end of March 2010.
  • Prizes are transferable to other IPY participants.
  • A final report on the process, how it was conducted, and who won the awards, will be presented to the Oslo 2010 Steering Committee for review.